1. $11.99
    101 牛肉拉面 Beef La Mian
    Beef Soup Noodle with green onion, leek and daikon
  2. $13.49
    102 羊肉烩面 Lamb Hui Mian
    Lamb Soup Noodle with black fungus, kelp, dried lily, and goji berries
  3. $10.49
    103 鸡汤时蔬面 Chicken Soup Noodle
    Chicken Soup Noodle with bok choy and goji berries
  4. $8.49
    104 葱油拌面 Green Onion Oil Noodle
    Noodle with green onion oil and fried onion flakes
  5. $10.49
    105 打卤面(茄子肉丁卤、西红柿鸡蛋卤)Da Lu Mian
    Noodle served with thick gravy(choice: eggplant and ground beef/ egg and tomato paste)
  6. $10.99
    106 炸酱面 Zha Jiang Mian
    Noodle with fried ground beef by soybean paste, serve with vegetables (bean sprouts, cucumber, parsley, daikon, carrot, green bean)
  7. $12.49
    107 酸汤肥牛面 Sour Beef Noodle
    Soup Noodle with sliced beef in hot and sour soup
  8. $12.99
    108 酸菜鱼面 Sour Fish Fillet Noodle
    Soup Noodle with fish fillet and pickled vegetable in hot and sour soup
  9. $12.49
    109 大盘鸡面 Spicy Chicken Noodle
    Noodle with stir fried spicy chicken, potato, tomato, green pepper and onion
  10. $11.49
    110 豌杂面 Ground Beef Spicy Noodle
    Noodle with ground beef, bok choy, peas and chicken broth
  11. $9.49
    111 油泼面 You Po Mian
    Wide Noodle with splashed hot chili oil, bok choy, peanuts
  12. $10.49
    112 捞汁凉面 Cold Soup Noodle
    Cold Soup Noodle with cucumber, carrot, onion, fungus and bean spouts
  13. $10.49
    113 麻酱鸡丝凉面 Cold Noodle with Chicken
    Cold Noodle mixed with sesame paste, chicken, bean spouts, cucumber, carrot and peanuts
  14. $11.49
    114 豆角焖面 Men Mian
    Steamed Noodle with chicken, green beans

Choose Your Noodle Style

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  1. 饺子(可做酸汤)(15个)Dumpling (15pc)
    201鸡肉香菇木耳 Chicken/Mushroom/Fungus 12.99 202牛肉白菜 Beef/Cabbage 12.99 203羊肉香菜 Lamb/Coriander 12.99 204虾仁鸡蛋木耳 Shrimp/Egg/Fungus 12.99 207饺子全家福 Dumplings All-in-one 13.99
Rice & Snack
  1. $12.99
    301 黄焖鸡米饭 Rice and Braised Chicken
    Rice and braised chicken, mushroom, onion, fungus and pepper
  2. $12.49
    302 大盘鸡米饭 Rice and Spicy Chicken
    Rice and stir fried spicy chicken, potato, tomato, green pepper and onion
  3. $8.99
    304 素炒饭 Fried Rice with vegetable
    Fried Rice with mixed vegetable
  4. $9.99
    305 蛋炒饭 Fried Rice with Egg
    Fried Rice with eggs and vegetable
  5. $15.99
    303 红焖羊肉饭 Rice and Braised Lamb
    Rice and braised lamb, carrot, daikon, green pepper
  6. $9.99
    307 馄饨 Hun Tun
    Wonton Soup (12pc)
  7. $6.49
    308 凉皮 Liang Pi
    Cold Steamed Noodle with cucumber, bean sprouts and gluten
  8. $6.49
    309 炒凉粉 Chao Liang Fen
    Fried Jelly Noodle with leek and Coriander
  9. $6.49
    306炒凉皮 Chao Liang Pi
    Fried Cold Steamed Noodle with cucumber, bean sprouts and gluten

Side Dishes

凉菜拼盘 Cold Dishes
两拼、三拼   two/three item                         4.99/6.99 

Cold Shredded Potato, Cucumber, Cold Cabbage,Garlic Kelp,Mixed Vegetable and Peanuts

卤味拼盘 Brined Items
两拼、三拼   two/three item                         6.99/9.99 

Beef, Beef Tripe, Chicken Feet,  Quail Egg, Chicken Eggs  
  1. $2.49
    Home-made sour plum drink
  2. $1.19
    Hot Chocolate
  3. $2.99
    Herbal tea (Hibiscus/Chamomile)
  4. $2.49
    Honey lemon tea (Cool/Hot)
  5. $2.49
    Pop punch beverage(Lemon/Mango)